02 May, 2011

Osama Bin Laden, no RIP

Here's a little background on the happenings this specific May 1, 2011: I spent the entire Sunday doing my normal Sunday routine for the most part. I went to Chinatown getting some martial practice in, had lunch, made a Philz Coffee run, and went to church service @ MBCC. Afterwards, I spent time with the newly graduated PSI Basic Seminar April/May 2011 students. When I drove to Chinatown for a late dinner and saw various people driving around waving American flags, I merely thought it was over some sporting event where a U.S. Team competed and came out victorious. It wasn't until I returned home and opened my Facebook that I learned the significance of today.

Today is the day that it's confirmed on the death of Osama Bin Laden. Out of respect when a person passes away, I normally wish that they would rest in peace. However due to the impact of this particular person, most people would wish the exact opposite. I have to say RIP because if not, NONE OF US will be able to rest, and NONE OF US will be able to be in peace. When a person state of happiness or jubilee is predicated upon a death of ANY person, there lies a tragedy that matches the tragic event caused by the person in question. Is there a sense of relief upon the news of the death of OBL? Yes. Is it a cause for celebration? Absolutely not. Even if a person passed and request a celebration of life in lieu of a formal funeral, it is exactly just that: a celebration of LIFE. Celebrating death? No. There's something inhumane about it, no matter who passes. When my mother passed away from cancer, there was no celebration of her death, there was a sense of relief that she was relieved of her physical suffering, but there was no celebration for her death.

On another blog, I stated that terrorism is not an organization, person, government, religion or country. It is a state of mind that any members of the human race is capable of conjuring up. Our war against terrorism is a war against ourselves. Terrorism is a form of hate, and every human has a capacity to hate. On the flip side the opposite of hate is love and humanity has the capacity for that. Even in the event of the death of Bin Laden, I will stick to my original premise: we will never win against the War on Terrorism because 1) terrorism is a state of mind and 2) ANY war is a potential seed to terrorism. What must be done in defeating terrorism or other hateful state of mind is to cultivate and nurture other healthier state of minds: love, peace, gratitude, connection, abundance, humility and generosity.

Additional takes on the situation:

The elimination of OBL is NOT an elimination of the designated enemy or villain of the masses. During the Bush regime, Saddam Hussein was the "villain flavor of the year or week or day." Granted Hussein's name was interchangeable with OBL until the capture and death sentence of Hussein. It will be a matter of time when a new villain or enemy will be flashed onto the screen of the masses. Moammar Gadhafi, and Kim Jong Sr and Jr, please remain on "standby..."

Al Qaeda isn't eliminated either. Although I affirm that terrorism is not an organization, Al Qaeda is no question an organization of terrorism. They may not have their leader, but there are still members. Anyone who thinks that the terror risk level can be lowered after today is naive.

There are still other issues to resolve. Unless the immediate monetary resources that's been invested into the recent event can be channeled and distributed elsewhere, we still have other things to resolve like the overall economy, education, arts.

Does this change how we conduct air travel now? Immediately likely, the answer is an emphatic NO. If anything we have to be on guard for retaliatory situations.

Racism still exists even after the death of OBL and more so with a black President of the U.S. When Fox News mixes up Obama's name with Osama and not apologize, well...no comment.

OBL, R.I.P. because if you're not, NONE of us will and you owe it to us: PEACE

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