06 December, 2011

Flakey Unreliable Unity Ministers

It's been a challenge nonetheless to find a Practical Christianity center. Unity has been the forefront in spreading the knowledge until recently when they decided to change to a "Spiritual Center." That's all fine and dandy so long as they remain rooted in the New Thought pioneer teachings along with their Biblical knowledge. Unfortunately especially in the San Francisco Bay Area, that has not been the case.

So I searched and sent out correspondences to Rev Guy Lynch from the Las Vegas Practical Christianity Unity Center. I inquired about referring me to anyone who's local to the Bay Area and waited and waited for about a month until I finally contacted him via Facebook. His answer was basically to sign up on his Facebook page and post on his message board. I did, and for some reason, could not access it.  My only means to communicate with him is through his internet broadcast. 

I was excited when I received an email from Rev Mark Hicks announcing his holding a Correspondence Course that has not been offered in over 35 years from Unity. I inquired if it was possible to take the course as originally designed through correspondence as he would be conducting the course in his center located in Texas. Living in California, regular attendance would be a challenge. He has been gracious enough to place his courses and materials online. If anything, his Truth Unity Website has a lot of resources to study the foundational material of the Unity Movement.

Lastly I contacted key members of the Charles Fillmore College and their partner organization Conference on Practical Christianity. I was supposedly placed on their mailing list to receive newsletters and inspirational messages and have yet to receive ONE. I was placed on the list in July 2011.

I don't know what caused the transition of Unity other than what I saw on Ripoff Report. Taking the "Jesus" and "Christ" and "Practical Christianity" because of dropping attendance is not the solution for dropping attendance. At the San Francisco Unity, Rev Sonya Milton confessed to the congregants that she "never picked up a Bible in her life" to a thunderous applause from the attenders. I was baffled and confused when I left that service. "What's so 'practical' if a Bible has never been picked up? Especially from the head pastor of the center???"

Declining attendance at the Unity Centers isn't so much because of the name "Jesus, Christ, Christian" are potentially "offensive" or politically incorrect or intimidating to the visitor. Declining attendance could also be the reflection on non-responsive leadership which based on my experience so far seems to be the case. Removing "Christianity, Jesus, Christ" isn't going to compensate for flakiness. It just bastardizes the vision, insights and messages from the likes of The Fillmores, Catherine Ponder, Dr Cady, and the late Dilet Freeman and Butterworth.


  1. Amen, to all of this. As an aspiring Unity minister training currently at Unity Institute and Seminary at Unity Village, MO, I'm committed to cultivating a distinctly Christian identity wherever I do ministry - including Jesus discipleship, Bible reading and interpretation, and employing traditional Christian themes such as Trinity, Incarnation, etc.

    Good stuff, man.

  2. Hence why I created that Facebook Practical/New Thought Christianity group hoping to find like-minded folks such as yourself. Based on the other Unity study groups I joined on there, they're out there.